A hopeful song for sanity

A video for a song for sanity - may the situation improve

Dear friends, I am releasing a video of a new song with the hope for peace and sanity.
I made this song because of the situation and because of my hope for peace.
I would be happy if you will share the song with friends to dispersive together a positive attitude to life because love is the driving force!
Peace and love to all of us!

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Here in Tel-Aviv - a Video for an actual song

Po Be Tel-Aviv (Here in Tel-Aviv) - a video for an actual song

Dear friends, I am releasing a video with English subtitles I made because of the situation.
This is a song I wrote a long time ago about my desire for peace and my wish for love.
The video was never released before and it is more actual than ever these days in Israel. I hope you enjoy it.
The audio file of this song will be available for free download on my artist page 'Elisete' here on Facebook.
I would be happy if you will share the song with friends to dispersive together a positive attitude to life because love is the driving force!
Peace and love to all of us!

Because of the situation I recorded a new chapter of my program 'Elisete in the morning' that was recorder during and between the sirens. I hope we will get some peace soon..

We live in surreal times.
I went to the street to day to interview people about the situation and I met a TV crew from France that was really nice and fun and afterward I interviewed Rina that I met on Sheinkin street. During these hard times I feel more connected and close to peopleand I invite us all to think more positive.

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Order now the new CD and the official t-shirt

The new album is on the way and there is an official t-shirt as well!

Dear friends, on the 29.7.14 I am finally releasing my new album - 'Simply Elisete'!
'Simply Elisete' is the product of much inner work of mine translated into the sounds of my music, the sounds of my soul. This process was done with the help of Raz Burg. All the songs were written by me and I hold all the rights. This album is very eclectic, but still very harmonious and it combines two of my passions in music - Acoustic music and electronic music!
The album is very similar to me: hot tempered, many ways to be a woman, many languages, many rhythms, but most of all it is me - Simply Elisete ...
Those who like my music can now purchase the official t-shirt with the artwork of the album and the album on pre-sale of the limited edition of physical copies signed and personally dedicated. If you want the official T-shirt, album, or both you are welcomed to order them with a personal message in my Facebook or buy them here in my online store. Payment is secure through PayPal - simply and easily!
The album will be released on -29.7.14 and will be available in many places online and of course here on the site.

I hope you enjoy this journey of music and my soul!

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Elisete - the new site

Italian news, future shows and great discounts on shows for the New Year

Hello Dear Friends,

I want to update you about my next shows and to invite you to hear and see the Italian program 'Salotto feel the 90' that will feature on the 22.11.13 the song Pensamanto that I wrote together with Claudio Alessandri from Italy.
I remind us all that 2014 is nearing and with it come the parties as well. For this occasion I am happy to announce that everyone that will book my show and will let me know he/she came through my site will get a 10% discount from the show price. Of course the show itself will be a million dollars as usual!


Elisete                                         Book a show for the New Year parties at a special price now!