Inspired by the sun - a new single from Elisete's upcoming album - the party continues!

Watch the clip and may the sun always be your inspiration! You are welcomed to like the song, share it and spread the message of joy and sun.

Elisete seeks to bring light, optimism and joy to all, and the song ‘Inspired by the sun’ is about healing pain and accepting life by way of light and joy. Elisete takes us in her Brazilian caressing way from the pain and sorrow straight to the sun and Carnaval. She has no illusions about the nature of the world, she simply believes that it can be healed through universal love, music and true joy. The song is electronic, rhythmic, tribal and primal in its resonant drums and it charges the listeners with good energy and joy straight from the heart. It is an optimistic song about the good within us and the good sun that should guide us to healing.

Elisete feels there is room for a frequency of hope and positivity. That happiness is not a luxury but a basic state to be aspired to and that all of us can be filled with positive energy. We can all get to this place and Elisete's songs are one of the fun ways to get there - anyone who joins Elisete's path will find that life is lit up, happy and fun even in the heart of our local everyday routine and everyone is invited to the party!

‘Inspired by the Sun’ - both in the radio version and in the remix version as well as the clips accompanying the two versions are the outcome of Elisete's collaboration with a team of talented artists: The two arrangements were made by Raz Burg, the guitars are by Arik Shahar, the video clips were filmed by Elisete’s production team and edited by Roby Laville from Italy with whom Elisete had previously broadcast a program in Italian.

‘Inspired by the Sun’ is another single from the new album that will be more electronic than the previous ones and that is joining Elisete’s previous remix album and her five acoustic albums.

Watch the clip and may the sun always be your inspiration!

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