Elisete covers the Gay pride parade in TLV

Elisere covers the Gay pride parade in TLV

Dear friends, on Friday the 12.6.15 I covered the Gay Pride Parade in Tel-Aviv, I interviewed many people, including the mayor and his deputy, and the parade was a remarkable experience for me in many ways. The first thing that stands out in this parade is that it is really a happy event! It is more Purim than Purim and more Independence Day carnival than Independence Day. In fact it is the closest thing I know to the Carnaval in Brazil because I felt that people are happy from the inside because of who they are and because of the love they feel first of all for themselves and then for those around them whether if they are their Siamese twin and whether if they are completely different from them. This is the real joy, not the joy you get from dodging a party plastic hammer or hit someone with it, but the joy you get when you celebrate your right to celebrate and all this without being violent, abusive or detrimental to - the Gay Pride Parade is a representation of tolerance and colorfulness. It is a statement by the participants that all beings have the right to be colored, black and white, transparent or in fluorescent colors and no one has the right to cover the choices of no one just like no one has the right to impose their views / colors on others. In short, I enjoyed very, very much and I also think that I broke the record of the number of times people stopped me to take pictures in one day. People complimented, people had their pictures taken with me as if I was a character of a Disney Park and it felt just wonderful! I interviewed people from all over the world and everyone complimented Tel Aviv and its Pride parade on openness, acceptance and love. Well done and congratulations to the organizers of the parade and also to all parade participants that came and showed the positive side of this country. I especially liked seeing a slogan that was printed on lots of shirts: "Love your neighbor even if he is not like you." I embrace this warmly. Recommended!


Elisete in the Gay pride parade - part 1 (Hebrew)



Elisete in the Gay pride parade - part 2 (Hebrew)



Elisete in the Gay pride parade - part 1 (Portuguse)


interview I gave to Cleo Oshiro

An article about Elisete in Biografia magazine in Japan

It is an honor and a great pleasure for me to share with you the interview I gave to Cleo Oshiro. Cleo is a Brazilian who lives in Japan. The interview was published in Portuguese in Biografia magazine but if you wish to read in other languages it is also n possible - just click 'Translate' and choose a language. I hope you enjoy the interview if you wish add a comment to support, I'd love it.