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- Lately I gave an interview to the Brazilian newspaper Achei USA. Joselina Reis wrote a really nice article about my music.

- In this link you can watch all the chapters of the Italian program 'Salotto Feel the 90' that I have participated in. Have fun!

- I was happy to find an online interview I did for the program of Ben Bresky at Channel 7. It was very pleasant to listen to the program. I am sharing with you again this pleasant experience I had. Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day with lots of light and love!

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Claudio Alessandri and Elisete - Pensamento at SALOTTO FEELTHE90

Pensamento featured in Salotto Feel the 90 on the 22.11.13

The song Pensamanto that Elisete wrote together with Claudio Alessandri from Italy will be featured on the 22.11.13 in the radio show of DJ Roby Laville from Italy. Roby is a DJ from Italy that hosts the radio show Salotto Feel the 90 that is dedicated to new musicians and to music from around the world. He listened to the song Pensamento, liked it and decided to feature it in his show. 

Elisete - Pensamanto featured at Feel The 90' ,22.11.13

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Feel the 90 amarelo

Elisete co-hosts an entire program of Feel the 90

Dear Friends,
I am usually a guest reporter in the Italian show Feel the 90 but on the last program I had the honor to be a co-host with Robbie Laville through the entire program.
You are invited to hear the program with me in the attached link.
The weekly shows are published in the attached link.
Hope you enjoy!

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Elisete & SLO - The way you move

Elisete & SLO in the song 'The way you move'

Dear Friends,

Rapper SLO and I released the new song 'The way you move'.
The song is rhythmic, happy and optimistic and all this in three languages - Hebrew, English and Portuguese. The song manifests our great love for music, which is also the fuel that drives us.
'The way you move' is our second collaboration. In the past we have collaborated in the remix version of my song 'Al di la' which had great success in Italy.
You are invited to listen to the song and enjoy!

Hope you will enjoy it!

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