hora do far 2

An interview with Brazilian actor and TV host Rodrigo Faro in a chapter filmed in Israel

The episode of the Brazilian TV show Hora do Faro with host Rodrigo Faro in which I participated was braodcast this week. The episode was filmed in Israel and was dedicated to the Brazilians who live here in Israel. I enjoyed very much during the program filming that took place while walking through the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem. Rodrigo Faro is really charming and I enjoyed his company, the spirit of his staff and of coarse the Israeli public that was happy to cooperate and communicate with us spontaneously as only Israelis and Brazilians do.
When the program was broadcast in Brazil and I saw the episode online I was very moved and excited to know that the huge audience of this program in Brazil and around the world sees the long way I did from my Brazil childhood to the present with all the stations of life and my music. I received many comments that really touched my heart and I thank everyone who supported and responded so positively.

My new video blog for Hamekomon TLV

My new spot in the internet blog of Hamekomon TLV

This week I also started my spot in an internet blog edited by Tomer Keren of Hamekomon TLV. I walk in my special city - Tel Aviv, filming places I like, interviewing the special people I meet and talk about my music.

A new chapter of the Italian program Salotto Feel the 90 with my participation

A new chapter of 'Salotto feel the 90'

On Friday, another episode was released in the Italian Internet and TV program Salotto Feel the 90 in which I also have a spot talking about the Israeli music that I love.