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Inspired by the sun
The seventh album

Elisete - Inspired by the sun - (Original song) - אליזט - בעזרת השמש

In Inspired by the sun  Elisete recruits the sun in her path to happiness. Elisete wants to make us all smile and there's nothing like the sun to help in this mission. The album is an enlightened journey to the realization that happiness is here - in front of us and within us.

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Elisete in the morning
Magical video blog

אליזט על הבוקר - אוטיסט זה לא קללה Elisete in the morning - Autistic is not a curse

Elisete in the morning - is a video blog in which Elisete tours around, films places she likes, interviews special people she is interested in, recommends good stuff and broadcasts her music - A great addition for the day!

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Fascinating show with original Brazilian songs

Elisete - The best of Azrieli's show

Elisete, the Brazilian-Israeli singer-songwriter has a fascinating, both lyric and energetic show of original songs with Brazilian roots. She sings from the heart and her repertoire and emotional depth are amazing! THE show!

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